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Title:Estimation of ground heat flux and its impact on the surface energy budget for a semi-arid grassland.  Citation frequency:(2)
Period:Year:2011,Issue 1.  Pages:0041-0050
Author:JinQing Zuo,JieMin Wang,JianPing Huang,WeiJing Li,GuoYin Wang and HongLi Ren
Title:How freezing and thawing processes affect black-soil aggregate stability in northeastern China.  Citation frequency:(1)
Period:Year:2010,Issue 1.  Pages:0067-0072
Author:Feng Wang,XiaoZeng Han,LiangHao Li and KeQiang Zhang
Title:Seasonal evolution of the englacial and subglacial drainage systems of a temperate glacier revealed by hydrological analysis.  Citation frequency:(1)
Period:Year:2010,Issue 1.  Pages:0051-0058
Author:Qiao Liu and ShiYin Liu
Title:An overview of the spatial patterns of land surface processes over arid and semiarid regions.  Citation frequency:(1)
Period:Year:2010,Issue 4.  Pages:0288-0297
Author:Jian Zeng,Jie Shen and Qiang Zhang
Title:Possible change on the runoff in the upper Yellow River basin under global climate change.  Citation frequency:(1)
Period:Year:2009,Issue 2.  Pages:0157-0164
Author:YongChao Lan,Jun Wen,JunJie Chang,YeXin Xu,YongPing Shen,XingLin Hu and JinQi Lu
Title:Recent advances in precipitation-bias correction and application.  Citation frequency:(1)
Period:Year:2009,Issue 3.  Pages:0193-0198
Author:DaQing Yang,NingLian Wang,BaiSheng Ye and LiJuan Ma
Title:Using humic acid for remediation of sandy soils contaminated by heavy metal.  Citation frequency:(1)
Period:Year:2009,Issue 3.  Pages:0267-0276
Author:YaJun Wang,HongLang Xiao,JinXi Wang and Yong Wang
Title:The surface velocity feature of Glacier No.1 at the headwater of Urumqi River, Tianshan Mountain.  Citation frequency:(1)
Period:Year:2009,Issue 6.  Pages:0523-0530
Author:ZaiMing Zhou,ZheFan Jing,ShuHui Zhao,TianDing Han and ZhongQin Li
Title:Application of matter-element analysis based on entropy right to evaluate the pavement condition in permafrost region.  Citation frequency:(1)
Period:Year:2009,Issue 6.  Pages:0519-0522
Author:KeZhen Yan,JinZhao Zhang and Lin Feng
Title:Adsorption kinetics, isotherm, and thermodynamic studies of adsorption of pollutant from aqueous solutions onto humic acid.  Citation frequency:(1)
Period:Year:2009,Issue 4.  Pages:0372-0379
Author:YaJun Wang,HongLang Xiao and Fang Wang