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Ranking of the papers with high impact

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Article NO.TitleAuthor NameVol. Issue NO.Number of DownloadCopy
2013107 Time-series analysis of monthly rainfall data for the Mahanadi River Basin, India Janhabi Meher and Ramakar Jha 2013,5(1):0073-0084 13059
20170101 Evolution and changes of permafrost on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau during the Late Quaternary XiaoLi Chang,HuiJun Jin,RuiXia He,LanZhi Lü and Stuart A. Harris 2017,9(1):1-19 9868
2013114 Assessing the impacts of climate change on water resources of a West African trans-boundary river basin and its environmental consequences (Senegal River Basin) Cheikh Bécaye Gaye,Moctar Diaw and Raymond Malou 2013,5(1):0140-0156 9195
2014515 Dating of two thermokarst lakes in Beiluhe Basin, Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau ZhanJu Lin,FuJun Niu,Jing Luo,MingHao Liu and GuoAn Yin 2014,6(5):0504-0510 8536
2013201 Amount and temperature effects responsible for ecipitation isotope variation in the southern slope of Himalayas Tek Bahadur Chhetri,TanDong Yao,LiDe Tian and XinPing Zhang 2013,5(2):0165-0176 7349
2014601 Modeled response of talik development under thermokarst lakes to permafrost thickness on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Feng Ling,QingBai Wu,FuJun Niu and TingJun Zhang 2014,6(6):0521-0530 6909
20090603 The acid cleaning method of labware for trace element analysis in snow and ice samples YaPing Liu,ShuGui Hou and YanCheng Zhang 2009,1(6):0502-0508 6303
2012311 Relationship analysis between livelihood assets and livelihood strategies: A Heihe River Basin example Fang Su and HaiYang Shang 2012,4(3):0265-0274 6300
2010203 Stable isotope techniques in plant water sources:a review Qiu Yang,HongLang Xiao,LiangJu Zhao,MaoXian Zhou,CaiZhi Li and ShengKui Cao 2010,2(2):0112-0122 5363
20170201 YuLan Zhang,ShiChang Kang,Min Xu,Michael Sprenger,TanGuang Gao,ZhiYuan Cong,ChaoLiu Li,JunMing Guo,ZhiQiang Xu,Yang Li,Gang Li,XiaoFei Li,YaJun Liu,HaiDong Han 2017,9(2):97-111 5334
201009 How freezing and thawing processes affect black-soil aggregate stability in northeastern China Feng Wang,XiaoZeng Han,LiangHao Li and KeQiang Zhang 2010,2(1):0067-0072 5137
200911 Adsorption kinetics, isotherm, and thermodynamic studies of adsorption of pollutant from aqueous solutions onto humic acid YaJun Wang,HongLang Xiao and Fang Wang 2009,1(4):0372-0379 4903
2013501 Permafrost in Qinghai Province: Characterization and impact on transportation construction JianHong Fang and AnHua Xu 2013,5(5):0509-0516 4889
2013105 Integrated hydrologic modeling in the inland Heihe River Basin, Northwest China YanBo Zhao,ZhuoTong Nan,Hao Chen,Xin Li,Ramasamy Jayakumar and WenJun Yu 2013,5(1):0035-0050 4573
2014416 Advances in studies on concrete durability and countermeasures against freezing-thawing effects WuJian Yan,FuJun Niu,XianJun Zhang,Jing Luo and GuoAn Yin 2014,6(4):0398-0408 4566
20150205 Water use measurement by non-irrigated Tamarix ramosissima in arid regions of Northwest China Shuang Li,HongLang Xiao,YiBen Cheng and Fang Wang 2015,7(2):146-156 4481
2010508 Nickel effects on growth and antioxidative enzymes activities in desert plant Zygophyllum xanthoxylon (Bunge) Maxim Yan Lu,XinRong Li,MingZhu He,ZhengNing Wang and HuiJuan Tan 2010,2(5):0436-0444 4162
2011101 Evaluating the optimal porosity of fences for reducing wind erosion ZhiBao Dong,WanYin Luo,GuangQiang Qian and HongTao Wang 2011,3(1):0001-0012 3938
20150307 Characterizing stand structure in a spruce forests: effects of sampling protocols Jun Du,WeiJun Zhao,ZhiBin He,JunJun Yang,LongFei Chen and Xi Zhu 2015,7(3):245-256 3859
2013113 Changing water regime and adaptation strategies in Upper Mustang Valley of Upper Kaligandaki Basin in Nepal Prem Sagar Chapagain and Jagat K. Bhusal 2013,5(1):0133-0139 3817